iPhone 7 Design May Be Copy Of iPhone 6S

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If you have been waiting for the iPhone 7 and were hoping that there were going to be some drastic changes then you may be disappointed if the CAD drawings we have seen become a reality. This is due to the fact that the design may be a copy of that of the iPhone 6S.

We have seen drawings that show the camera protruding out from the back and it is thought that it will be the same camera as seen on the iPhone 6S. There were rumors going around that the iPhone 7 may offer dual cameras but this is now looking doubtful.

The iPhone 7 may not be a drastically improved handset. We are expecting the removal of the headphone jack and it is thought that some of the antenna may be hidden away. But don’t expect many more changes to the design.

We did hear about a curved sensor patent on the iPhone 7 and this could be taking place instead of the dual lens that was rumoured.

But would you update to the iPhone 7 if the design looked much along the lines of the iPhone 6?