iPhone 7: …And The Protests Are Coming Up Soon

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With the much-anticipated iPhone 7 coming our way – assumed to be released this year – it’s only natural for fans to be more excited, despite the likelihood of it getting thinner, right? Nope, not really this time around. That’s because that likelihood may just be reflecting on Apple’s decision to really have the headphone jack removed, reports suggested.

Sure, it isn’t really confirmed by Apple officials, but we’re certain that this could just be the best indication yet. And fans aren’t happy. They even took to the power of the Internet in creating an online petition that’s angrily titled, “Apple is ditching the standard headphone jack to screw consumers and the planet”, and here’s some little fact that proves the fans’ disgruntlement: over 220,000 signatures have been garnered as of the time of writing.

That’s not all. Apple’s been reportedly working on the wireless headphones (some sort of a Bluetooth-powered premium earbuds) with Beats Electronics. And this couldn’t make fans any angrier. The fact that they’ll have to spend an extra amount just to get this necessity (because it’ll be sold separately from the iPhone 7) has already gotten on their nerves. If only Apple listens to our prayers.

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