iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S7: 3 Reasons Why S7 Wins

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The iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7 are both great devices but there are some reasons why the S7 comes out ahead and here are just three of them.

The first feature that puts the Samsung Galaxy S7 ahead of the iPhone 6S is the fact that it has two ways of saving power. The S7 offers the standard power saving and the ultra-power saving. The latter allows you to stop all functions that are not considered essential and you get hours of use with just a few percent battery left.

Reminder notifications are another thing that is better on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and not on the iPhone 6S. You never miss a notification if you go into the settings and set the notification reminder to remind you at intervals until you read the notification.

Last but not least is the fact that you might like a big handset but it can be difficult holding it. With the Samsung Galaxy S7 being bigger than the iPhone 6S you can go into the S7 settings and enable the one handed mode. This shrinks the display when you triple hit the home button and the display is put into one corner of the device so that you can use one hand.

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