iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5: But Will Size Really Matter?

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The user experience is what matters the most to people in regards to devices today but everyone wants something different as we all have our own preferences. So the big question here is whether size matters in regards to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the iPhone 6S.

Some people have shown their frustration with both the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This is down to the fact that the iPhone doesn’t have proper multitasking or multi-windows and it isn’t one of the most user friendly of handsets, that will not work with other devices.

A comparison may not be a fair one between the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or the iPhone 6S as the iPhone S6 doesn’t have the stylus of the Note.

If you are looking for a device that you can do just about everything on then you might prefer the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. However if you prefer a handset with a more minimalistic look then the iPhone 6S could be it.