iPhone 6S vs Microsoft Lumia 950: Reminiscing The Good Ol’ Nokia Days

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We’re going to give a very contradicting review here from what we actually feel, because this time the Microsoft Lumia 950 would take the upper hand between the two. What?

Yes. That’s because it would strongly remind you of the Nokia era with the Glance screen feature it comes equipped with. Though there’s no denying that the iPhone 6S looks much better (there’s no necessity for an image to prove its beauty), but then again, the Lumia 950 would look as though it’s born of a previous generation, back when Nokia was still responsible for the production of Windows phones.

As much as iPhone 6S wins in the design category hands down, Lumia 950 beats the iPhone in the resolution game. It’ll also have more vibrant colours and deeper blacks, thanks to the use of OLED technology. Microsoft can thank the old Nokia team for that, as they were one of the only manufacturers other than Samsung to build up a significant body of work using such screen tech.

So, did you think that we’re going to have to root for the Lumia 950 this time around?

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  1. Ron Corso

    February 5, 2016 at 7:24 am

    It’s about time the Windows phones get a fair review. Anyone who compares the two would come to the same conclusion.