iPhone 6S vs LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs HTC 10 In Huge Fight

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The iPhone 6S, HTC 10, LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are all devices that have come out and they are among some of the best. But which takes the title of king of kings?

The display on the LG G5 is QHD and the handset offers a unibody design in metal and there is a fingerprint scanner on the back of the handset. It stands out thanks to the dual lens camera and the fact that it is modular. This means that owners can press a button to pop out the module and a new one can be put into place.

The LG G5 comes with the Snapdragon 820 processor and it offers up 32GB of storage along with having a battery than should be able to last a full day.

The display on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 5.5 inches and it is a curved display. This is a big device but thanks to the slight curve it is easy to hold in the hand. It offers IP68 water resistance and it comes with support for microSD card.

The iPhone 6S offers 3D Touch and it comes with fingerprint scanner and wireless payment support. It has lots of great hardware and the device is fast thanks to it having the A9 processor.

The HTC 10 can do just about anything you want it to do and the battery life is great and so is the design. The display is always on and it comes with water resistance. It runs on close to stock Android Marshmallow and it runs on the Snapdragon 820 processor.

So which of these handsets would you choose? Would you go for the HTC 10, iPhone 6S, LG G5 or would you choose the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

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