iPhone 6S vs iPhone SE: The Little Differences Matter

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While the newly announce Apple iPhone SE might have some similarities with the Apple iPhone 6S, it is a different kind of smartphone that is aimed at a different kind of audience.

Of course, the biggest difference is the screen size. The Apple iPhone 6s sports a 4.7inch display screen while the Apple iPhone SE comes with a 4inch display screen. Apple was happy to point out that the smaller SE comes with the same rear camera as the 6s but the front camera on the SE is only a 1.2MP camera.

The smaller iPhone SE will also come with a smaller battery pack and is expected to offer less than a day of usage on a single charge. Apple also pointed out that like the new iPhone 6s, the Apple iPhone SE will be coming in with a finger sensor but what they forgot to make clear was that the sensor on the SE is the first gen sensor which means it will be slower than the 6S version.

The iPhone SE model will also be missing out on the new 3D Touch feature.

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