iPhone 6S Vs. Galaxy S6 Vs. iPhone 6S Plus Vs. Galaxy S6 Edge: Winner Of Best Battery Life Is…

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You probably would have guessed it from the picture, but still, read on to prove you might be wrong.

Technology has certainly changed, and improved, over the years. And the battery life would have definitely improved as well, right? So, if we were to compare between Apple’s and Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, could we compare them like an apple to another apple?

It is undeniable that battery life proves to be one of the key factors when deciding to purchase a phone. So, let’s get down to comparing between the said flagships – the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, and we’ll find out who is deserving of the title, all thanks to the folks’ reviews from across our network. The results of their tests are as shown:

iPhone 6S

The tests revealed that the iPhone 6S could support 9 hours and 41 minutes on 3G, web-browsing of up to 12 hours and 27 minutes, and watching videos for another 10 hours and 46 minutes. And all of these left the battery at 10 percent. Also, the iPhone 6S lasted 8 days when left idle, 2 days short of what they have claimed.

Galaxy S6

The smartphone could last up to 10.44 hours in Wi-Fi web-browsing, 9.69 hours with LTE web-browsing, but did not make the cut to some of the battery life tests.

iPhone 6S Plus

Apple didn’t reveal the size of the smartphone’s battery, but all thanks to iFixit’s teardown, we get to see to minute details of the battery. The iPhone 6S Plus emerged as the best among the four in Wi-Fi web browsing (13.1 hours), LTE web browsing (11.91 hours), as well as having a relatively high score in several battery life tests.

Galaxy S6 Edge

The tests revealed that the smartphone could last up to 10.69 hours in Wi-Fi web browsing, 10.59 hours in LTE web browsing, and 2.82 hours in the BaseMark OS II battery life test. They didn’t emerge as the top when compared to the iPhone 6S Plus during several battery life tests, though.

And the clear winner goes to… none other than the iPhone 6S Plus; for having a longer battery life and just more juice. So, are you proud of your iPhone 6S Plus now? We can’t wait to see what iPhone 7 has in store for us.

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