iPhone 6S Plus: Side Effects Of Longer Battery Life

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What really comes to mind when you think of the iPhone 6S Plus’ long battery lifespan? Sure, you’ll be able to watch more videos, play more games, surf the net longer and whatnot, but it’s not without its downsides too. In fact, these few cons may just have you feeling the slightest tinge of regret, even though there have been numerous tests suggesting the phone actually comes with the longest battery life ever.

If only the iPhone 6S Plus doesn’t come with any side effects (since it’s truly gorgeous in every way), but then again, every device has its pros and cons, isn’t it? There’s no denying the fact that the phone is heavier, more bulkier and takes twice as long to charge, regardless how pretty it may look like. Or it might just doesn’t seem to be that pretty anymore, since it’s literally too big for its sake.

Sure, there are cases in the market which would help to prolong the battery life even further. But would you go to that extent of making your already big iPhone bigger? Have you ever had any doubts in getting your iPhone 6S Plus?

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