iPhone 6S: Best Alternatives To iPhone 7

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Many people would like to own the iPhone 7 but the price tag is stopping them from doing so. Due to this some people turn their back on Apple and move to a cheaper Android handset or stick with their old device. But if you want an iPhone and cannot afford to spend money on the iPhone 7 you might want to consider an alternative, the iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6S comes in about $150 cheaper than what you would pay for the iPhone 7 and it is a better handset than many of the cheap Android phones on the market and some of the newer mid-range devices.

If you have around $340 to spend on a device the iPhone 6S offers a lot and it comes with one of the best cameras that you can get in a phone. It has been given the iOS 10 update and this means that many issues have been solved and it offers the headphone jack.

The iPhone 6S is among the most affordable devices of today and if you were looking for an iPhone but the iPhone 7 is out of reach, the 6S is a great alternative.

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