iPhone 6 & Samsung Galaxy S4: Two Can Play This Game

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If you’ve been following the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor mill then you will have heard about speculations of a February 2013 debut at MWC. NOw if you think that sounds a little soon, it may not just be the S4 that has plans for a shorter product life cycle.

iPhone 6 could be coming early as well

According to Technorati, Wall Street pundits all thought that Apple would reveal the iPad Mini on 23rd October. However what surprised them was that along with this Apple launched the iPad 4, after millions of people had bought the iPad 3 in March. This means that they reduced the iPad 3 product life cycle by 38%, this was from an average of 13 months to just 8 months. So could this be a sign of things to come from Apple and their flagship handset, the iPhone?

The iPhone 5 was revealed in September and Technorati now believes that Apple may release the iPhone 6 in June 2013, just 9 months after the iPhone 5. Why?

At the blog explains, Apple wants to be able to recapture the lost magic and so they will have to start to think differently. There were new changes with the iPhone 5, however a lot of owners think they will have an equal phone if they upgrade their iPhone 4S to iOS 6. Fans want to be wowed by the iPhone, and they want to have the same feeling as they did when Apple revealed their first device in 2007.

Another reason is that Apple wants to be seen as leaders and not followers. Samsung are enjoying a great deal of success in the global smartphone market as their shares for Q2 of 2012 were 64%, while those of Apple were 18.8%. Apple need something big to put them back on top again and the iPhone 6 might be able to do that.

When Apple revealed the iPad 4 they showed the world what is possible in a shorter time to market, otherwise known as TTM. The launch of the device cut 5 months for the TTM of the iPad and the launch of the iPhone 5 cut 3 months from the TTM of the iPhone. If Apple release an iPhone 6 by June and have the handset available from July, this would be a 10 month TTM from the iPhone 5, which Apple should be able to manage. June 2013 of course would be in time for their WWDC although a little later than when the Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to debut.

Tim Cook is at the helm of Apple and new products should launch faster than ever as he said that time is one of the scarcest resources that we have and unless it is managed properly, nothing else can be managed. Apple will be set to send shock waves through the smartphone market and have fans gasping by the middle of the 2013, if they can launch the iPhone 6 sooner than later.

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