iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Which Looks Sexier? [PICS]

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6 are already being hyped up to be the must-have smartphones of 2013. Given what we’ve seen with the current Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, this is no surprise.

Looking at the rumor mill, the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors point to a bunch of improvements to the S series including a larger 5-inch 1080p display with 441ppi, 2GHz eight-cores processor, 13 megapixel rear camera and 3,700mAh battery.

Moving to the iPhone 6, speculations suggest a quad-core processor coupled with more RAM, larger battery, NFC and a 13MP camera as well. So we’re looking at two decent upgrades if rumors prove true.

It isn’t just media outlets and so-called industry insiders that are feeding the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor mill, but also fans. As such, we went hunting for the best fan-created iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4 concept pictures. We ruled out those that were too outlandish or strayed away from the rumors we’ve seen so far. What we found was two classy looking smartphones that I personally would not mind pocketing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & iPhone 6 concept pictures

iPhone 5 concept

iPhone 5 concept

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

The Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to maintain its overall styling but is little more modern with sharper lines and more symmetrical styling. The iPhone 6 on the other hand just looks more classier and features a bigger Apple logo that I am guessing lights up when in use.

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