iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Sticking With The Best

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Lots of people will upgrade according to the brand and reputation of the manufacturer of the handset. This is even more so when it comes to the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, as both companies have highly impressive track records with phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 6

So, people will already have decided if they’re going to upgrade to the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S4 even before these new handsets are released. Most people will upgrade inline without even knowing what the specs are, which tells us how close these two rivals are in terms of features, popularity and hardware.

It’s thought that Samsung will release the Galaxy S4 at MWC next February, which means the phone could be out in March or April 2013 – so only three months or so to wait.

Apple has already shocked people by releasing the new iPad, the iPad 4 just months after the iPad 3. This has made some wonder if the iPhone 6 could be out before next September – maybe even as early as next June at the WWDC. So far in 2012 Apple has released the iPad 4, the MacBook Pro 13”, the iMac 2013 and the iPhone 5, as well as the iPad Mini. All these devices came out in the latter half of 2013, so Apple might want to time the launches of next year’s crop to give the iPhone 6 a bit of exclusive space.

Samsung may have a complete makeover in 2013, with new branding and styling to prevent further legal action from Apple. Samsung has caught up with Apple in everything but looks and design, so if it can catch up and even surpass Cupertino here, it’ll have an amazing year. The Samsung Galaxy S3, of course, has been slated for looking cheap as chips compared to the iPhone 5.

Of course Apple has loads of hardcore fans, but the Galaxy line is also achieving cult status. Product-Reviews asked 22,000 of its Facebook fans if they’d go for the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 6 for their next upgrade and most opted for the S4. They made this decision based on their previous experience and opinion of the two phones, and not specs and facts. Apple’s cult following helps to keep it in the lead, and the company has never been so base as to proclaim the specs of its devices. Samsung doesn’t care, though, and shouts about its high-end specs in order to attract the crowds. We can expect similar behaviour around the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy.

The successors to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 should be as evenly matched, which means that reputation will continue to play a big part.

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