iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4: Forget Specs, The Winner Is Picked Already By You

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Many people choose their device by the reputation of the company that has made it. This is more so when it comes to flagship devices. Thanks to the name, many owners of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 will likely upgrade to the latest model without even giving any other device a thought. With this in mind, many owners would already have decided to upgrade inline without even knowing what specs the handsets will come with or their rivals. And in the case of the Galaxy and iPhone, given that both are on different platforms (Android & iOS) it is even less likely that they would consider switching to the rival brand; unless of course either one of the manufacturers really drop the ball. This is of course unlikely given their track records.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 6: you likely know which one’s for you already

While we don’t know if Apple and Samsung will call their devices the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S3, we’ll do so for argument sake.

There are rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be launched at the MWC in February and the device could be released in March or April.

Fans of Apple were surprised when they saw a new iPad 4 just months after releasing the iPad 3 and many believe that Apple will now launch the next iPhone in June at the WWDC instead of waiting for September.

Following the court battles between Samsung and Apple, Samsung may very well surprise us with a styling of their own that can’t be faulted. Samsung have caught up (and possibly overtaken) Apple in the smartphone market when it comes to innovation and tech and they could even beat Apple once again if they continue to innovate.

However Apple will not just sit back and take beating and their products will still be popular. Recently we asked our readers which device they would go for between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6, and the majority of them chose the S4. This means that those people are going on the brand name alone, as the specs of the device are unknown at this time. Apple does have a cult like following and of course they have never had to rely on specs in their iPhones either. On the other hand Samsung are known to push the boundaries of smartphones and have specs in the top end, but given that they have built a solid brand already it won’t be the ultimate deciding factor any longer.

One device may look better than the other on paper, however owners of the iPhone will likely stick with iOS devices and Galaxy owners with Android. We saw this year that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 were almost evenly matched when it came to hardware specs, so buyers were going purely on OS preferences to make the final choice. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the same again next year.

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