iPhone 6 & Samsung Galaxy S4: Game On!

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Everyone’s on about the rumours of a Samsung Galaxy S4 debuting at MWC next February-March. It might seem early, but Samsung might be worried about Apple releasing the next iPhone early too.

iPhone 6 could return to WWDC schedule

Technorati says that Wall St analysts bet on the iPad Mini being revealed on October 23, and were very surprised to see the iPad 4 coming out alongside, even though the iPad 3 only came out in March. Apple had therefore cut the product life cycle for the iPad 3 from 13 months to eight (38%). So will the iPhone now have a shorter life cycle as well?

The iPhone 5 was out in September, so Technorati thinks Apple might unveil the iPhone 6 in June next year, just nine months after the iPhone 5 and once again returning the device to its WWDC summer launches.

Technorati explains that Apple’s trying to bring sexy back. The iPhone 5 is brilliant, but 4S owners have pretty much the same deal once they update to iOS 6. Apple devotees want to fall back in love with the iPhone, and Apple wants to be a leader again, rather than a follower. Samsung has cornered the market – with a share of 64% in Q2 of 2012 compared to Apple’s 18.8%. Apple needs to work on itself, and the iPhone 6 might be the opportunity it’s been waiting for if it can come out quicker than annually.

When the iPad 4 came out, it showed how Apple could work in a shorter time frame, with a shorter time to market (TTM). The iPad 4 took five months off the TTM of the iPad series, and the iPhone 5 took three months from the TTM of the iPhone series. If the iPhone 6 comes out in June, this’ll mean a 10-month TTM. June 2013 also sees WWDC, which is good timing, but still a few months later than the putative ETA of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in March.

Tim Cook’s leadership of Apple should see the company speed up – he believes that as time is a scarce resource, the company should use it better if it wants to succeed. If the iPhone 6 does actually come out in June, it’ll set the smartphone world alight. If it doesn’t, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 will hog the limelight for even longer next year, and we’ve already seen the Samsung Galaxy S3 topple the iPhone 4S off the 2012 best-selling slot. If the iPhone 6 gets here in June, it’ll no doubt steal some of the Samsung Galaxy S4 thunder.


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