iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2 Visualized

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When the Samsung Galaxy Note was first released by Samsung there were some people who thought that a phone of this size wasn’t needed. However the device did go on to become very popular and large displays has now become the norm. Today we bring you a comparison mock up between the Apple iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Apple iPhone 6 (or Math as some are calling it) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Phablets are becoming a very popular type of device for those who don’t want to carry a phone and a tablet. There has been talk of the Apple iPhone 6 which is said to be coming with a display of 4.8 inches and this was then said to be a misinterpretation for what should be the Apple iPhone Math.

We have seen the size of displays increase slowly for some time now, however Apple chose to release the Apple iPhone with a display of 3.5 inches, until they released the Apple iPhone 5 with a display of 4 inches, last year. Apple said that the device was still easy to hold in one hand, and apps still worked, however some iPhone fans were not pleased.

The demand for larger displays is growing as phones are no longer just being used to call people or text. They are now used for sending email, playing games, watching movies and much more.

There has also been Multi-View, this was seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and now the Samsung Galaxy S3. This means that people can have two apps running at the same time, however this will not work very well with a screen of 4 inches.

5 inch screens seem to be the in-thing and a variety of devices has been released or is in the making. These include the Sony Xperia Z along with the HTC Droid DNA. When you compare the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Apple iPhone 5 you can see a vast difference when it comes to the size of the display. When you hold the two devices in the hand in a retail store the size difference is very noticeable.

Many people do believe that the Apple iPhone is ideal and they do not want Apple to make it larger, however Apple do have to do something this year if they want to remain in competition with other makers of handsets, who offer large screens on Android devices. Check out the visual comparison below.

iPhone 6 vs rivals visualized

iPhone 6 vs rivals visualized

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