iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4: Can Samsung Pull It Off Again?

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Will Samsung be able to beat Apple with the Samsung Galaxy S4 when Apple releases the iPhone 6?

According to those purchasing their first smartphone typically choose and Android handset such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or they will go for the Apple iPhone.

Personally I am a fan of Apple ever since the first iPhone came out in 2007. However with each release of a new Android device I have been swayed to stray away for iOS.

If you are considering purchasing a new device then choosing will be difficult. There are many to choose from, including devices from Sony, HTC, Motorola and LG. There is also a device coming out soon that many people are waiting for and this is the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

The Samsung GalaxyS IV specs have not been released but rumours of what it may come with have been flying around.There has also been a lot of speculation about the new Apple iPhone, which is said to be coming out in the spring.

So this is the lowdown on the two handsets.

One of the reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S3 was so popular was the fact that it has a large display, it is bright and colourful. The device is also thin and it is easy to put into the pocket. About the only downside was the battery life.

The next generation handset is said to be making its way out in April, however it might not reach the US until around May or June. If you thought that the display of the previous version was superb then the new one will please you even more as it could be up to 5 inches. This makes it around 25% larger than the display on the Apple iPhone 5.

The resolution could also see an improvement and it may have more ppi, which would mean a more detailed picture.

The device will be faster and it could have the 8 core processor of Samsung instead of it being four cores, as with the Samsung Galaxy S3. This means that apps will work faster and multi-tasking should be smoother.

The camera is expected to be around 13 megapixel, Android devices have tended to be behind the iPhone when it comes to the camera. The Apple handset has always come with a camera that is better.

The Samsung GalaxyS IV willhave Jelly Bean installed, so it may not have new features when it first arrives.

The Apple iPhone 5 runs on iOS 6.1 and each year Apple upgrade the device. They generally bring out a new handset every two years, with a minor refresh in between. This has been seen with the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4S and if it happens, the iPhone 5S.

It is thought that the handset could appear around June or July, or even as late as September, as this is when the Apple iPhone 5 was revealed.

There may not be a lot of updates to the device. However speed should increase thanks to a new processor, Siri could also be updated. The device could have a camera of 13 megapixels, but the look of the handset could remain the same.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the next gen iPhone will be the software. Apple has always released minimal upgrades with iOS. The latest version is iOS6.1; however it is more than likely that we will see iOS7 released at the WDC.

This will be an important year for the company as they have been criticised for having a lack of innovation. Last year they did make some changes and there has been a shuffle in the company with Scott Forstall going and Jonathan Ive taking over.

The new OS will have to come with some features that are nothing short of amazing if Apple wants to be in with a chance. However at the moment no one is saying much about what these features may be. One thing for sure is that they need to be superb. If not then the year could be dominated by the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

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