iPhone 6 & Samsung Galaxy S4: Well That Escalated Quickly

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There has been a lot of rumours going around about the fact that Samsung might launch the Galaxy S4 at the MWC in February. While you might think that this would be too early, it seems that the race is on between Samsung and Apple to bring out new handsets, as there are rumours now of the iPhone 6 coming out earlier than expected next year too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6 launches may be sooner than expected

Wall Street analysts said that the iPad Mini would be out on 23rd October. However what surprised them was the launch of the iPad 4 too. The iPad 3 had only been out a matter of months, launching in March, and it was selling very well. With the release of the new iPad, the life cycle of the iPad 3 was only eight months, as opposed to 13 months. So this could mean that Apple have the same plans for their iPhone 6 suggests Technorati. The iPhone 5 was released in September and Apple may have plans to reveal the iPhone 6 in June of next year. This would make it only nine months following the release of the iPhone 5.

Apple of course has lost some of the magic and they want it back. The iPhone 5 is superb, but those with the iPhone 4S believe that their device is just as good if updated to iOS 6. To make the upgrade fans of Apple need an iPhone that blows them away. Apple are slipping when it comes to being the innovator and market leader and they want to get back on top. Samsung are doing very well and their market shares for the second quarter of 2012 were 64% in comparison to the 18.8% of Apple. The release of the iPhone 6 could allow Apple to get back on top again.

Apple showed what was possible in TTM, time to market, when they released the iPad 4. If they launch a new iPhone it would cut three months from the TTM of the iPhone 5 and if they were to launch the new handset in June, the TTM of the iPhone would be 10 months, and Apple are able to do this if they want. Of course June is also when the WWDC 2013 takes place, which would be the perfect time. However Samsung would be ahead if they were to release their latest flagship Galaxy S4 in February or March.

Tim Cook is now at the helm of Apple and he believes that time is one of the scarcest resources and so proper management of time is essential. Apple could release the iPhone 6 in June and this would give the smartphone market a kicking. Of course the Galaxy S4 is sure to be popular in 2013, and it could beat the iPhone 6 in terms of sales depending how large a window the iPhone 6 gives it, just as the S3 beat the iPhone 4S this year. So will Apple pull out all the stops to get the iPhone 6 onto the scene faster than ever? Or will 2013 end with another Samsung phone crowned as best-seller?

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