iPhone 6 Launches At WWDC 2013: 7 Colors, NFC & More Storage [RUMOR]

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The iPhone 6 will purportedly be revealed at WWDC in 2013 and will be offered in 7 colours, have NFC and more storage.

Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6 in June to break away from the pattern they have been drawn into over the past two years. At least this is the prediction of Jefferies analyst Peter Misek reports BusinessInsider.

iPhone 6 release date, specs and more rumors

He is saying that the iPhone 6 will come with a super HD camera and display, along with improved battery life, NFC, and updates which may include an IGZO display for Retina+. 128GB version of storage could also be in the cards and it may be offered in colours similar to the iPod Touch.

Both the iPhone 5 and 4S were released by Apple in September/October. While the iPhone 4 and 3G both had launch frames of June to July.

So why go back to the launch in the middle of the year? Well the analyst didn’t have an answer for this. However Horace Dediu from Asymco did have a theory for this.

This was that the sales of Apple have dipped a lot two quarters prior to the release of a new device. It seems that this is because fans are hanging off purchasing devices due to the fact that a new version is coming out. Apple will want to avoid having all their sales during only one half of a year. So by changing when they release the iPhone 6 and other products, they are able to avoid this slump.

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