iPhone 6 Owners Don’t Feel Love From Apple

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Apple have admitted that there is an issue with the battery of the iPhone 6S and they have said that some users can get a free replacement battery. However iPhone 6 owners have also been reporting the same issue but it seems that Apple hasn’t been showing them the same love.

Owners of the iPhone 6 have said that even though they are experiencing the same battery issues as owners of the iPhone 6S, Apple has chosen to ignore them. As the battery is not said to be a security risk Apple said there isn’t a need to replace them.

Then Apple turned tail and offered iPhone 6S owners a replacement battery and of course upset owners of the iPhone 6 in the process. Fans are hoping that Apple is going to change their mind, but we can’t see this happening anytime soon.

It may be that Apple thinks that the iPhone 6 is now too old and so there really isn’t any point in offering a new battery as people will make the upgrade to a newer version of the iPhone.

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