iPhone 6 Or Samsung Galaxy S4: Reputations Precede Them

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Many people who buy a smartphone do so based on the reputation of the maker of the device. Two such handsets that fall into this category include the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S naturally had their eyes on these two devices, and so did other Android and iOS fans respectively.

iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S4? You’ve already chosen

Of course there is nothing to say that their successors will have the name iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4, but for discussion sake we will give them these names.

Rumour has it that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come out at the MWC in February and it would then be released around March or April. Therefore we could see the device in just five months’ time.

The iPad 4 from Apple was released just months apart from the predecessor and therefore speculation is that the iPhone 6 will follow suit and we could see it well before September 2013, with some saying it could be released in June at the WWDC. Apple have already released the iPhone 5, iPad 4, 13 inch MacBook Pro and the iMac 2013 along with the Mini iPad all in the second half of this year, so they could space out their releases better next year if need be.

The New Year should hopefully see a new Samsung Galaxy S4 design following the legal tussles of this year with Apple. Samsung could very well beat Apple as they are ahead right now with the Galaxy S3 and shows us that a single Android phone can top the sales of an iPhone.

Of course Apple still has many followers, just as the Galaxy S3 does. When Product-Reviews asked their 20,000+ strong Facebook fans which device they would choose, the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S4, the majority of them went for the Galaxy S4. This shows that people do rely on the brand name and OS preference when choosing a device. Apple will always enjoy a cult like following and they have never had to rely on specs to get customers to purchase the iPhone. Samsung on the other hand have always been about specs that are top of the range and they do push smartphone boundaries. However as we saw with the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 which ended up being equally matched in terms of hardware, it was the OS that was the deciding factor.

While one device may come out on top on paper next year, there is a lot of brand name and OS loyalty and so the majority of buyers will stick with their favourite OS and brand regardless of which turns out to have the better looking specs sheet, exterior styling or marketing team.

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