iPhone 6: Is Apple Fishing For Ideas For New Features?

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Have Apple been on the lookout for new ideas and features for its future iPhone 6? According to CNET, Apple has been following in the footsteps of Google and their playbook when they gave employees time to work on side projects outside of their typical routines.

Could Apple be looking for innovative ideas from employees for future products like iPhone 6?

The Wall Street Journal has said that Tim Cook started the Blue Sky program which allowed some of their employees to work on projects that were not part of their job for two weeks. This is very similar to something that Google did, only with a shorter time span. With Google it was a case of 20% time, allowing employees to work on side projects in their normal work day. This led to Google releasing things such as Gmail, Google News and Reader. It was also designed to ensure that employees didn’t get burned out.

Apple on the other hand has not made their program open to all employees. The outward appearance of Apple is that of an organisation from top to bottom, and different divisions are known to work together when it comes to software and hardware releases. The side projects seem to be a move culture wise that could see independent projects turning into larger projects.

This news follows on from the news of major restructuring occurring within the top management of Apple. Scott Forstall is out and it is thought that his role will be played by Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi.

While Apple product have been considered innovative in the past, their latest releases seem to have lost the magic of their predecessors. It would certainly be useful if such a program helps feed many more ideas that could one day end up in iOS products like the iPhone 6 and iPad 5.

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