Quit The Shenanigans Apple, The iPhone Mini Is Coming

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The iPhone 5 successor, iPhone 5S or 6 as some call it, is a shoe-in for 2013. However there is also buzz about a cheaper iPhone coming our way which for now has been dubbed iPhone Mini.

iPhone Mini coming alongside iPhone 6 (prediction)

As Steve Jobs once said, it is better that Apple cannabilize its own sales than let their competitors do so. On that note, when the iPad Mini launched we were expecting it to eat into the sales of the full-size iPad 4. However that didn’t happen as reports showed many iPad Mini buyers were first-time Apple tablet buyers.

Hence we could expect the same from an iPhone Mini given that one of the biggest problems with iPhone adoption is its price tag, especially outside the US where carrier subsidies aren’t as generous.

Just like how rumors of an iPad Mini were dismissed in the start, I firmly believe the same will happen in the case of the iPhone Mini. Sure, Apple’s Phil Schiller said that Apple wasn’t going to release a cheaper iPhone. But let’s face it, we’ve seen Apple backtrack in the past as well. Tim Cook could just say that Apple doesn’t release cheaper products, just value-added ones. Hence here’s your iPhone Mini!

So what could the iPhone Mini look like? One interesting concept caught my eye which showed an iPhone 5 like design but with a 3.5-inch display. This seems like a perfect cost-effective measure on Apple’s part and will certainly let people differentiate which model is the premium one (iPhone 6) and the value one for those with a budget. Just like the iPad Mini too, we can expect the iPhone Mini to be stuck with an older processor.

iPhone Mini render

iPhone Mini render



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