iPhone 6 May Be Left Out Of iPhone 6S Battery Support

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Owners of the iPhone 6 are fuming over the fact that Apple doesn’t seem to have any interest in including them in the iPhone 6S battery relief.

The iPhone Show told fans why Apple is going to restrict the free battery replacement that is going to be made available to owners of the iPhone 6S, despite the fact that owners of the iPhone 6 have also complained about the same issue.

Batteries of smartphones typically deteriorate in time and this means that the same issue isn’t affecting the latest versions of the iPhone. Apple has said that the issue with the battery isn’t putting users safety at risk.

If you are facing the issue with the iPhone 6 and you are not eligible for the battery replacement then you will have to pay out $79 to get it replaced. But do you think that Apple should replace the battery on all iPhones regardless of the age of the handset?

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