Apple 2013: iPad Mini Retina, iPhone 6 & iOS 7

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Whenever Apple releases any new product – be it an iPhone or a tablet – the rumours and speculation about what will be next starts. Gene Munster already has 2013 in his sights and is giving us his predictions for what Cupertino may unleash upon the world. Will there be iOS 7, a new iPad Mini with Retina and iPhone 6?

Apple rumors: iPhone 6, iOS 6, iPad Mini Retina

Munster says that a new iPad Mini might be out in March, and that it’ll have the famous Retina display. There has been some griping over the Mini’s display, so Apple might look to set this straight. The only problem is that people who bought the older Mini might be angry about a Retina Mini going on sale so quickly.

Munster also talks about WWDC 2013, and reckons that iOS may be influenced by Jony Ive. He also thinks that iOS 7 will be launched at WWDC, so people will soon be busy talking about this new OS.

The iPhone 5 came out in September, but it’s believed that Apple might revert to releasing iPhones in the summer. So, we might see the iPhone 6 soon after WWDC, and it’ll be another “modest” rework of the iPhone 5 hence could end up being called the iPhone 5S too.

This is all speculation, though, so we’ll have to sit tight and wait for the reality to come along.

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