iPhone 6 & iOS 7 Is When Apple Brings Back The Magic (Prediction)

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We could have reached the point where next year will actually be the year that the iconic iPhone brand will bring back the glory days with the release of a revolutionary iPhone 6 and iOS 7.

iPhone 6 & iOS 7: it’s time for a revolution

However some people are saying that it won’t be and these people believe in the old saying of “If it ain’t broke it don’t need fixing.” Let’s face it, iOS 6 looks the same as iOS 5 did and the iOS before that. And exterior wise the new iPhone 5 design isn’t a massive leap from the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 4 when compared to what the iPhone 4 was from the 3GS.

While there isn’t any proof that Apple is indeed working on a fresh new OS, one can hope that Apple will make changes to their OS with Jony Ive now on board the software team. This would include adding in features that some people have been waiting for, for years.

So what could iOS benefit from having? The folks over at PhoneDog have some suggestions. The blog suggests that at the most basic level it should have icons that are animated. The icons could be taken one step further and they could have dynamic information, which pops up when you touch them and which are based on the apps functionality. Not only would this work nicely and make the iOS 7 different, it would spice it up.

Apple of course has to continue to combine their software platform and while new features are welcomed, Apple could make iOS work more like Mac OS X on desktops. You could have a widget that is scrollable on the homepage and Twitter client and these could be synched through iCloud, just as it is done with several apps already.

Some people might say that this would be ripping off Android; however Apple could make it their own and make it different if they really wanted to.

There has been rumours of the iPhone 6 coming out in 2013 and this might not be a bad idea, especially if they do give the iOS a makeover.

Perhaps Apple could shake things up a little. When they revealed the iPad last year it was just called the New iPad, without any number. So why cannot that happen with the iPhone, why does there have to be a number or an “S” involved? Apple could take the New Year as a fresh start and could simply release a new iPhone 6 with a new iOS that truly is something that is different from what we’ve seen so far.

Perhaps what is stopping all of this is the faithful Apple fans. However it may have been coming a long time and times do change. After all we saw the iPhone 5 have a new display of 4 inches and it brought a lot of sales. So this shows that fans of the iPhone are willing to accept changes to the iconic smartphone. It is about time that iOS was updated and changed with the times. While iOS 6 may not be broken, it could be time to fix it and improve it.

As for the iPhone 6, instead of telling Apple users why they don’t need features like NFC, wireless charging, expandable storage, removable battery and an even bigger display, why not provide them to users as other manufacturers have did and see if it is appreciated. These features can’t lessen the experience of the device since owners would just not use them if they saw no need to. We also know of Apple’s healthy profit margins so this isn’t the reason for cutting back on the extra components.

So what do you think? Will Apple change iOS and the iPhone in a large way in 2013 and if not, should they?

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