iPhone 6 + iOS 7 = WWDC ’13 (Prediction)

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Rumours surrounding the release of the iPhone 6 have been heating up. Word is that Apple could release the device as early as WWDC 2013, but does this mean that we would see iOS 7 at the same time too?

iPhone 6 & iOS 7 rumors

A recent report suggested that the iPhone 6 is in pre-production testing and that we will see it during the 1st quarter of 2013. However some say that this would be impossible. Apple of course have changed release schedules this year and it has been suggested that the iPhone 6 could come just 5 or 6 months after the release of the iPhone 5 claim sources. However many say that this would be an epic mistake on the part of Apple.

These people believe that the iPhone 5 has been too successful for Apple to make it obsolete in what could be less than one year. Apple may want to make the most of the iPhone 5, as after all it is their flagship handset and they have put a lot in to the design and the manufacturing of it.

On the other hand some say that a sooner release date may be possible for a new device. ProductReviews said that a new iPhone 6 would come this summer at WWDC 2013, returning Apple to their old schedule and shaving 4 months off the current cycle. This is based on the fact that Apple rolled out the iPad 4 just 8 months after the New iPad came about.

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