iPhone 6 & iOS 7: Rebirth Of An Icon

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Next year could be the rebirth of Apple and they could turn around and become more like the iconic brand that we knew when they launched the first iPhone in 2007. This could happen with the launch of the iPhone 6, along with iOS 7. This of course is our prediction for the Cupertino company in 2013.

iPhone 6 & iOS 7 predictions

However there are some that say that this couldn’t happen. Some don’t want changes and they stick with the thought of, if it isn’t broken then it doesn’t need fixing. iOS 6 was released and it has the same looks as all the operating systems before it. When it comes to looks there is not much difference between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5 for that matter either.

There hasn’t been confirmation that Apple are working on a new OS. However as there has been changes at Apple and Jony Ive is now in software too, iOS 7 could finally mean a revamp for the mobile platform. They could release a brand new operating system that comes with many new features and these could include things that fans of the OS have been waiting for, for a lot of years.

So just what might we expect to come from Apple? PhoneDog had some suggestions. Their blog suggested that Apple could bring us icons that are animated. They could also take this even further if they made the icons offer dynamic information. This could be when the icon is touched for example. This would be a totally different OS to anything that we have seen before and it would offer some excitement to the OS.

Apple always combine new features and software platforms and in 2013 they could bring a touch of Mac OS X to the OS. They could have a widget that could be scrolled on the homepage.

Some have said that these changes could mean that Apple would be said to be copying Android. However Apple could change things enough to ensure that this wouldn’t happen.

Rumours of the iPhone 6 have been going around for some time now and some have said that Apple may launch it at WWDC 2013 in the summer.

When it comes to names Apple may just call their latest iPhone, the New iPhone, as they did when they launched the New iPad. Numbers or letters are not really needed.

Of course there are some fans of Apple that don’t like change and so Apple may be reluctant to do something vastly different. They should bear in mind that they changed the size of the display and fans welcomed this and the handset is selling well. Therefore fans do welcome changes. While there is nothing to say that iOS 6 is broken, there is nothing wrong with making it even better.

Apple has told their users that the iPhone 5 doesn’t need NFC, wireless charging and external storage or a bigger display and larger battery. In 2013 Apple should begin to listen to what their fans really want, instead of telling them what they don’t need. All features Apple says are not needed might be welcomed by fans. If these things were included in the new design of the iPhone 6, they wouldn’t make the handset any worse, they could only be improvements. If people didn’t want them then they would be there but they wouldn’t be used. Those who welcomed them would enjoy them. Of course Apple enjoys high profit margins so they have no excuse for this being the reason why add-ons are lacking.

Many people would like to see a brand new iOS 7 in 2013 and an iPhone 6 that has been redesigned, instead of being just another evolution. If Apple want to stay ahead in the smartphone game then they need to step up.

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