iPhone 6 & iOS 7: Go Big, Or Go Home

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2013 could see the iPhone returning to its original place in the smartphone world, with the iPhone 6 and iOS 7. Given the evergrowing Android threat, it will be time for Apple to reinvent their iconic phone and OS if it wishes to space itself from the competition like it did back in 2007.

iPhone 6 & iOS 7: when will Apple get its head back in the game?

Some are saying this won’t happen, though, and yet others are saying that there’s nothing “broken” at Apple that needs fixing. But….iOS 6 looks just the same as iOS 5, which looks the same as iOS 4, and so on. The actual handsets could do with a serious makeover, too, as the iPhone 5 scarcely stands apart from the 4S or 4. There hasn’t been the same change of form that we saw from 3GS to 4.

We don’t know if Apple is actually working on a new OS, even, but with Jony Ive on the scene, it’s more than possible. A new OS might well include the features that folks have been after for years.

So what might we be able to expect from iOS 7? PhoneDog has some ideas – the iPhone 6 and iOS 7 could introduce animated icons, maybe even with dynamic information. The info could appear when the icon was touched, to tell users what was going on in the app. This would bring a new look to iOS 7, and to the smartphone world as a whole.

Apple will always ally software platforms and new widgets on its new OSs, but it might think about making the new OS work like Mac OS X on desktop computers. A scrollable widget on the homepage would be great, as would a Twitter client. These apps would have iCloud sync support, as is seen with other apps on the iPhone.

Some say that this is a bit of an Android crib, but Apple could make this feature a bit different so it “owns” it.

There might be a June launch for the iPhone 6, at WWDC, so this is something to look forward to.
Apple might take the same naming route as with the new iPad, which was “the New iPad”. The company doesn’t really need a number or a superfluous “S” hanging around.

Hardcore Apple fans might be the fly in the ointment, but they have to realise that the company needs to move with the times. They did accept the new screen size without taking to the streets with pitchforks, after all….. In fact, they went and bought the iPhone 5! So, if Apple fans are happy to accept changes to the iPhone design, why not bring a few drastic ones in?

Apple has told customers that they don’t need NFC, bigger batteries and screens or wireless charging, but now it’s time to accept that they actually wont’ hurt. If Apple does introduce some features that weren’t that popular, punters just wouldn’t use them, and they’d give feedback so that the features could be removed in later incarnations. The profit margins that Apple has can’t possibly be the reason that the company restricts its add-ons.

We’d like a redesigned iPhone 6 and iOS 7, one that’s revolutionary, rather than just an iPhone 5S. Apple needs to step up to the competition and fast, or else it will get left further and further behind. It’s time for the iPhone name to mean something again.

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