Apple’s iPhone 6, iOS 7 & Retina iPad Mini [REPORT]

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As soon as Apple reveals a new iPhone or other product it seems like rumours and speculation start over what they will come out with next. Gene Munster is already looking ahead to 2013 and giving his predictions of what Apple could release in the New Year. So could we see iOS 7, a brand new iPad, iPad Mini with the retina display and the iPhone 6?

iPhone 6, Retina iPad Mini & iOS 7 rumors

The analyst said that March will bring with it a new iPad Mini and the device will have the retina display that Apple is famous for. This could come about as there has been some criticism over the display of the iPad Mini which was launched this year. However this could lead to anger from those who purchased the iPad Mini recently if a newer model with retina display goes on sale so early.

Munster looked ahead to the WWDC and he said that we will see Apple iOS taking influence from Jony Ive. He says that we should see iOS 7 released at the WWDC, so very soon people will be talking about what new features could come our way.

The iPhone 5 was launched in September 2013 and it is thought that Apple may be going back to releasing iPhones in the summer. If so then we could see the iPhone 6 revealed right after WWDC. The iPhone 6 would be what has been described as a modest update to the iPhone 5.

Of course at the moment this is all speculation and for the time being we will have to wait and see if any or all of the predictions by Munster come true.


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