iPhone 6 Makes First Appearance, Pictured Next To iPhone 5 With iOS 7?

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When it comes to keeping things quiet about products they are announcing in the future, Apple tend to do a great job. They have on occasion slipped up some times though.

Both the Apple iPhone 5 and the 4S were seen in Vietnam just months before they were released. Tinthe showed what they said were prototypes of the devices and these were the real phones when they were revealed.

It seems that we are seeing the same thing with the Apple iPhone 5S and the 6, as SidhTech have shown pictures of what are said to be the Apple iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6. the pictures come from Vietnam and show the Apple iPhone 5 beside what is said to be the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S.

You can see that the home button is missing and the iPhone 6 comes with a display that is noticeably larger. It has been said that Apple will reveal both of the devices this year.

SidhTech said that the lack of the home button does fall into place with rumours that are going around of Apple including a track-pad into the handset.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

Update: Apparently before everyone gets excited SidhTech was just talking the mickey out of everyone and the picture was nothing than an April Fools prank, which is a pity as the devices do look good.

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