iPhone 6: 5 Reasons Why It Will Be Underwhelming

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Demand for the Apple iPhone 5 is dropping off and some people are not surprised about this. While people hope that the next Apple iPhone, iPhone 6, will be something special, others are not so sure. The folks over at CNET compiled a list of reasons why the iPhone 6 would be underwhelming. While they made a couple of valid arguments, it was these 5 reasons that are worth highlighting.

Why iPhone 6 may be underwhelming (CNET)

The first reason is that OS is stale. Analysts have said that iOS doesn’t have any sparkle anymore and Apple has to do something to catch up with the likes of Android and Windows Phone.

Android and Samsung are taking over fast as the Samsung Galaxy S3 has wowed people, along with the Samsung Galaxy Note line-up. These devices have made people sit up and consider just what makes a phone, a phone; this is something that people would have expected from Apple years ago.

The younger generation simply don’t think that Apple is cool anymore. The Apple iPhone has become a handset that your dad would have, just like Blackberry, suggest recent surveys.

Apple has set the price too high. While Apple have expanded globally, in many markets people will find it hard to pay out $600 for a handset. Markets are becoming tougher everywhere and the Apple iPhone is simply not affordable. There are more affordable handsets on the money, that have better specs and these days money not only talks, it screams out. Take for instance the $299 LG Nexus 4.

Apple has lost the WOW factor. When did Apple last offer us anything that was actually a major innovation? Siri was cool for a while, however it didn’t last. Small improvements to products that were good will only be able to hold the interest of people for so long. Android on the other hand is treating effectively.

Smartphone are already mature devices and now it is time for something else. In the past decade we have looked to Apple to provide us with the WOW factor and they have failed. CNET is now having difficulty believing that the Apple iPhone 6 will bring the WOW factor too. This is quite interesting given that the tech website has always been openly pro-Apple .

So what do you think? Is the great run for Apple finally coming to an end?

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