Apple Axed Google Maps Early, iPhone 6 Was Real Cut-Off

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Everyone assumed that Apple had brought in their own maps software due to their contract agreement with Google and their Google Maps app reaching its end. However Apple could have used Google Maps on the iPhone 5, because the contract would not have expired for another year reports Gizmodo. So therefore Apple chose to use their own maps software instead of Google’s, plain and simple.

Apple didn’t need to push own Map app on to iPhone 5

Sources said that there was a year to go on the Apple Google contract before Google Maps expired meaning that if Apple had to put its maps app into play, they could have waited until the iPhone 6. So instead of having the buggy Apple maps on the new iPhone 5, users could have continued to enjoy Google Maps as the Cupertino company continued to develop it.

Thanks to Apple choosing to abandon Google Maps, Google were left having to scramble to develop an app for iOS. It seems like Apple chose to take a competitive advantage over Google ahead of focusing all of their time on ensuring that the users of the new iPhone 5 had a better experience.

What do you think, should Apple have kept Google Maps in and worked on their own map app for another year? Maybe they could have kept Google Maps and also added in their own beta version of Apple maps for people to try out?

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