Forget iPhone 5S, I’m Waiting For The iPhone 6

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Phone tech has been improving very fast, yet despite this batteries are moving along very slowly. With the trend turning towards phones that are thinner and faster this has meant that phone makers have to make a compromise about the battery they choose to install.

The Apple iPhone 5 is among the worst when it comes to battery life on iPhones and they have been left struggling trying to get the balance right. This has meant sacrificing the life of the battery so as to maintain the shape and form of the handset. However this could change if Apple acted on a patent they have and you would not have to plug the handset into a wall in order to charge it.

Apple has been granted a patent that allows them to integrate a solar panel in the touch screen sensor. This means when the device is in the light it will be getting charged. This is different from solar tech in old calculators, as these cover a bigger region.

There will be some sceptics who might say that they have their iPhone in their pocket most of the time and it won’t get light, which would make the tech useless. But if you put your handset on your desk when at work for the majority of the day it should be able to get enough light so as to keep the battery charged. This may mean that the handset would not need to be charged as much by plug.

Apple may not be introducing this tech when they release the Apple iPhone 5S, however they could put it in their handsets some years down the line such as the iPhone 6 which would debut next year only based on Apple’s “tick-tock” release cycles.

I personally would wait for an iPhone 6 if this were the case as the only reason I didn’t jump on the iPhone 5 was its battery life. If the iPhone 5S plans to stick with the same form factor as the iPhone 5, which it probably will, then I don’t expect much better battery life due to the space constraints from the design.

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