iPhone 5S May Be Able To Sense A Robbery, Alert User (Apple Patent)

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While Apple may be criticized for not being as innovative as they have in the past, the next iPhone may have a very unique feature of its own. This is based on a recently filed patent application by Apple for an acceleration based theft protection system for portable devices.

Could iPhone 5 feature a built-in theft protection alert system?

According to the patent, the iPhone would send out an alarm if it was being stolen. All that Apple has to decide on now is whether the phone was actually being stolen or just tilted around by the user. This of course will be programmed into the accelerometer which would be built into the future iPhone models (iPhone 5S, 6?).

At the same time the setup will work in unity with the software to determine if the movement of the handset matches up to the pre-defined profile Apple will have programmed, which is said to be “characteristic of theft”.

Apple is not the only company who are worried about theft of mobile devices. Google have a patent on a device which relates to their Project Glass concept. However would anyone really walk up to someone and steal the glasses off their face?


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