Forget iPhone 5S, Here’s The iPhone 5C

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With the iPhone 5S storming the Apple rumor mill for weeks now, we’ve heard of everything from quad-core processors to NFC and and wireless charging. As for the design it will purportedly remain the same.

Forget iPhone 5S, the 5C may come first (funny)

Of course, the latter doesn’t have to be the case, as shows The Onion. The news parody website today “unveiled” the iPhone 5C, a new iPhone geared primarily to college girls. What’s the angle? It’s pre-broken.
Th iPhone 5C is the  the phone you love, broken. As college girls tend to not protect their smartphones as well as college guys, apparently, Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5C which is pre-broken according to your taste. Whether it is smashed through a wall or drowned in a mug of beer, there is an iPhone 5C for every college girl.

The best part of the video happens in the end where The Onion reports states that there will be a sequel to the iPhone 5C (no, not the iPhone 5S): The company says its next iPhone will be primarily geared toward dads, and is preprogrammed to call you anytime they have a question about the iPhone.

Check out the spoof below!

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