iPhone 5S Images Leaked, Minor Redesign With Upgraded Guts?

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We are getting ever closer to WWDC and Apple fans hope that the company will reveal the iPhone 5S during the summer as opposed to in the fall. This has happened during the last couple of years.

Recently leaked renders have appeared online of the iPhone 5S. SidhTech picked them up and they said that they could be the press material which Apple may use on their website or at the event in June.

The images of the iPhone 5S do look similar to the Apple iPhone 5, but these have corners that are more rounded and they come in different colour options. It has been said that the new device could come in blue, red, grey and green.

The blog has also said that the iPhone 5S could have a processor that is faster, a camera with a higher resolution and additional RAM.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

Update: In an update it appears that this is another April Fools Day prank by the blog late yesterday. They are keeping their readers on their toes.

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