iPhone 5S: Hey Apple, I Don’t Want To See This OK?

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The Apple iPhone 5 looks beautiful; however the hardware leaves a lot to be desired. Some people have bought the iPhone since it was first released and have owned every generation of it. Now people want to see some key changes with the device when the Apple iPhone 5S is released.

Apple will have to make some changes or they could face a slow death. The Apple iPhone 5S will be released this year, or it could arrive with the name of the iPhone 6, Plus or the Mini. However when it does arrive it could be the beginning of a new Apple, or it could be the end.

Apple has been facing some very strict competition, especially with Samsung. Samsung have hit Apple hard and they will no doubt continue to do the same this year. Samsung are thought to be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have both been very successful since their launch as they have catered to those who prefer a larger display on their handset. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a larger screen than the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 an even larger one.

The phablet, as it is known is for those who want to do more than just make phone calls on their device. The device is a tablet and phone together, albeit a little smaller. The Samsung Galaxy Note and Note 2 have brought these to users and we are now seeing more phablets being released.

Of course you do have to ask yourself if it is too late for Apple to change. While Samsung have been successful it doesn’t mean that people will switch to Android, especially if they have invested a lot in Apple and iOS. Rumours have been going around that Apple are planning on making a change, however it is taking them a long time and when the iPhone 5S or 6 is revealed we should see a larger handset.

So what must the next generation Apple iPhone not have? The scratches are one thing that Apple needs to make disappear with the release of the next iPhone. While the new device feels more solid, it does scratch easily in comparison to plastic. Scratches do happen on any handset; however the new Apple iPhone needs to be less prone to scratching than the current model.

We don’t want to see the same size display. Apple needs to boost up the size of the screen if they are to move forward. If Apple do release the next gen iPhone and it has the same screen size then it won’t look like much of an upgrade at all. Fans of Apple don’t want to see another device with the same size display.

Some fans may be excited if Apple releases an iPhone with a projector that is built in however it could be a bad idea for the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 5 is the coolest running iPhone of any, however if playing videos or using 3G or GPS, it can get hot. If Apple did include a projector then we could have issues with heat. We would prefer to see an accessory that owners of the device could use if they wanted, but not have it included by default.

A flexible display is a great idea; one that bends around the device or rolls out would be welcome. However this is not something that we might see on the next generation Apple iPhone.

These types of displays are in the making as they were shown off at the CES this year and it is thought that they will make an appearance at the MWC 2013. The tech does need to be tested first and it perhaps will not be used on the Apple iPhone or indeed the Samsung Galaxy S4. Only when the tech has been tested on devices on the market, will it then be ready for the flagship devices. It could also cause issues with production problems as the displays would be harder to produce.

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