PR: iPhone 5S Chooses 4″ ITO Glass TSP

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Apple is getting ready to reveal the Apple iPhone 5S and fans may be disappointed as it is thought that there will be nothing ground breaking about the handset. This means that the design will not be much different from the current iPhone on the market. However Product-Reviews reports that there is to be one thing different as Apple will take on the market in China by having the 4 inch ITO glass TSP in the Apple iPhone 5S.

PR says it is thought that two TSP touchpanel screens will be used on the iPhone 5S and while we know that the device mainly has in-cell TSP LCD, Apple are said to be looking into making use of ITO glass TSP. These devices will be heading to China, along with other regions.

If this is official then it looks as if Apple is making a change to the parts for specific markets. A photo has been posted and if this is the real deal, it shows that the design of the handset has not changed all that much.

Partners of Apple include Sharp, LG Display and Japan Display and it looks like they are heading towards production of the 4 inch iPhone 5S TSP LCD screens. Also requested to go into production to make the 4 inch displays, are Wintec and TPK. Thanks to the market in China moving fast, it is thought that Apple will have to move fast as well. While everyone would like to know more about the differences between the upcoming iPhone and the Apple iPhone 5, for now we will have to be patient.

So what are you expecting to see with the iPhone 5S?

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