iPhone 5S & 6: Appetizer First, Main Course Deep Into 2013

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Analyst for Topeka Capital, Brian White, said in a note sent to investors that Apple are to reveal a cheaper version of the Apple iPhone in 2013 and this will come with a body of plastic as opposed to metal and glass. This is what has been fueling rumors of two iPhones coming this year – a budget iPhone 5S and a true sequel to the current model the iPhone 6.

The cheaper Apple iPhone 5S will allegedly come in at around  $300 without contract this summer, well ahead of the iPhone 6. The Apple iPhone 5 of course has a price tag of $649 without contract.

At the same time the note says that Apple are at the moment testing out iPhones with different screen sizes and the first could be seen as early as June this year.

There have been rumours of a cheaper Apple iPhone for some time, it is said they would be welcomed in markets such as China. However up to now nothing has come from the rumours. As for the iPhone 6, we can only assume it will come towards the end of the year just like the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 had.

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