iPhone 5: Too Big To Ignore

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What a big surprise! An Apple gadget, the iPhone 5, is getting almost hysterical amounts of hype months before we even know what it really looks like!

iPhone 5: Too big to ignore

According to StreetInsider, the latest reams of Apple-Mania come from Wells Fargo. Earlier this week Wells Fargo reminded us of its Outperform rating on Apple’s stock and claimed that the Second (actually the sixth) Coming of the iPhone (iPhone 5) “will be the biggest product launch in consumer electronics history” when it is finally among its adoring devotees this autumn.

Now, we have to remember that every new iPhone incarnation has been subject to the “biggest product launch ever” by one media body or another over the last five years, so this hubbub isn’t even remotely surprising.

What we do need to know, though, are the specs. This latest miracle of electronic engineering is rumored to have 4G LTE connectivity, a 7.6mm case, NFC support and the controversial new 19-pin mini dock connector.

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