iPhone 5 To Mark End Of Both YouTube & Google Maps Apps

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The gap between Apple and Google widened even more when Apple released their test version of iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad. The New York Times reports that developers had found that the popular YouTube app was missing from the apps which come built-in.

iPhone 5 may mark end of native YouTube & Google Maps apps

Apple has included the YouTube app in their native apps list since the release of the iPhone in 2007. However now it has suddenly disappeared which is a reminder that the warmth which once existed between the two companies has disappeared. Apple did make a statement saying that their license to include the YouTube app in their operating system had reached an end.

YouTube said that they were working alongside Apple to make sure that users got the best experience possible. Whether Google were disappointed about Apple’s move is unclear however.

Google have not had a lot of control over the app for YouTube for iOS and the app could not be updated without help from Apple. More critically, they cannot run adverts on videos that are played via the app. Therefore, it was neglected as more time and money were spent updating features to the website and Android app.

The app for iOS is not as important as it was in 2007 due to the fact that videos from YouTube cannot be accessed as easy due to them being in the Flash format.

No one is very surprised that Apple have allowed the app to lapse as while the companies were once close have very publicly fallen out. Former Apple chief the late Steve Jobs was mad when Google pushed into the phone market with their Android OS. Apple of course is fighting in court with Samsung, who is one of Google’s largest partners, over patents. Apple has also chosen to stop using Google Maps and instead is using their own software. Of course, this poses no threat to YouTube who are the premier video site and as Apple said, there are other ways for users to watch videos on YouTube on their devices.

iOS 6 is expected to finally rollout to the public with the release of the iPhone 5. At that time, we will truly get to see how far Apple has moved away from Google’s products. Whether this will affect the sales of the iPhone 5 remains to be seen.


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