YouTube App Now Supports iPhone 5 Bigger Display

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The YouTube app has received an update for the iPhone 5 and its larger display. This means that owners of the iPhone 5 can now enjoy watching videos in the right format for the first time since it was launched. Google have also issued an update to the Gmail app today.

YouTube app update now supports iPhone 5 big screen

Along with improvements having been made to the back-end to ensure that it runs faster, the YouTube app introduces AirPlay streaming along with the option to edit playlists by adding in video and taking it away, including links that are clickable in descriptions of videos and providing access to the YouTube personalised channel guide.

Of course as always the update is free to users and for a change there doesn’t seems to be any problems with the install, which cannot be said about the Gmail updated app released earlier. As far as we known all of the changes have been made for the better.

Google has claimed that 25% of videos are watched on mobile handsets, which in total hit 1 billion views in a day. With the native app now being available and updated this should help these numbers to climb even higher. We’re sure iPhone 5 users can’t wait to update.

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