iPhone 5: Apple’s Worst iPhone Ever?

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The iPhone 5 hasn’t sold as well as analysts thought that it would however the handset is still in its early days. Nevertheless BusinessPundit reports that this hasn’t stopped many from saying that the Apple iPhone 5 is the worst iPhone to date and that it is a flop.

iPhone 5 prematurely being dubbed worst iPhone ever?

One reason why the iPhone 5 might not be selling as well as predicted is that the iPhone 5 pre-orders were too big to keep the device selling strong afterwards. There were 4 million iPhone 4S sold in its opening weekend, compared to 5 million for the iPhone 5 in the same timeframe. The slight increase could be blamed on the fact that the iPhone 5 took twice as many pre-orders than the iPhone 4S, hence weak followup sales after the initial release of the device.

This is the second time in a row that Apple has released an iPhone that has been marred by less than positive reviews. The screen, networks speed and processor are all better on the iPhone 5 than on the iPhone 4S. However one feature has not escaped controversy. In the case of the iPhone 4S this was Siri and for the iPhone 5 it is the map app. Google maps have gone and Apple replaced them with their own map app. This is considered by a lot of people to be far inferior and it did lead to Tim Cook saying sorry and asking consumers to continue using it and give it a chance until it is improved.

Apple also has a great deal of competition in the smartphone market, for the first time ever. The Samsung Galaxy S3 took more than 9 million pre-orders and it has given buyers many reasons for swapping to Android from iOS, even though the iPhone 5 has some tech advantages of its own.

Apple, along with investors now has to wait in eager anticipation and put their hopes for the iPhone 5 on expansion into foreign markets. It is hoped that thanks to 3G network penetration in China being ready to explode in the next decade, Apple will have hundreds of millions of consumers to entice their way from the market. Manufactures of smartphones are flooding the market and China along with India will drive future growth.

So do you think that Apple has flopped with the iPhone 5 and the magic gone?

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