iPhone 5: Progression Aside, Is It Really Apple’s Worst iPhone?

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Consumer Reports recently said the Apple iPhone 5 in the US came behind competitors with many carriers and on Verizon the phone didn’t even make it into the top 3.

iPhone 5: has Apple lost its magic?

Apple have had a lot of success with their iPhones over the years, however other makers of handsets are now catching up, Samsung in particular have enjoyed a lot of success with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Apple could therefore run the risk of being overshadowed by their competition and the lucrative smartphone market in due time. Dropping down from having complete dominance over the market to near dominance isn’t so bad, there are also rumours going around that Apple will be releasing an Apple iPhone 6 this summer so we can see the Cupertino company trying to fast track things.

So how does the Apple iPhone compare to competitors? What might Apple have to do with their next generation device to bring the Apple iPhone back to the top? Personally, I think that if Apple has lost its magic, fans are still there to back it so all hope isn’t lost yet. If Apple can deliver an iPhone 6 that truly blows the competition away in every way (specs, wow factor and design) then Apple can once again regain that iconic image which the original iPhone had when it launched back in 2007.

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