iPhone 5 Skips Wireless Charging For Shake Charging?

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Nokia has been very busy trying to convince people that the future of smartphone charging is all about wireless tech, with their Lumia 920 and 820 handsets. Apple on the other hand seems to have different ideas about how to charge a battery and left out wireless charging from the iPhone 5 despite the other two flagships coming on board (Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3).

Did iPhone 5 skip on wireless charging for a newer charging technology?

Appleinsider recently found out about an Apple patent that relies on printed coils with moveable magnets. This is a reverse of the traditional method which relies on a copper coil moving across a magnet that is stationery. The magnet of Apple’s would move alongside the printed coils on a circuit board, which would create an electromotive force and this could be used to generate power.

So does this mean that the owners of iPhones in the future would be able to charge their iPhones while they were jumping around during a workout? While the scenario is not likely to become reality, if it should do, then looking around for an outlet to plug in your device to charge it would be obsolete.

Would you be interested in maybe an iPhone 6 with this shake to charge feature? Or would you be happy enough if Apple introduced wireless charging in the iPhone 5 already.

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