iPhone 5 Achilles Heel, Apple Maps, To Be Swapped For Waze In 2013?

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One of the hottest startups to come out during the last couple of years was Waze, the satnav app for smartphones. When Apple released iOS 6 alongside the iPhne 5 without Google Maps, this shook everyone into realising just how important it is to have a decent map app on phones. This was something that many had taken for granted, as it became clear that Apple had messed up big time with their own map app and it became the biggest complaint about the iPhone 5 in the following weeks.

iPhone users could see Waze take over Apple Maps this year

TechCrunch reports that rumour now has it that Apple are looking to acquire Waze. The company is a data partner of Apple Maps and Waze was the app that gained marketshares following the fail of Apple Maps. Both companies have been asked for a comment. However a spokesperson on behalf of Apple said that they don’t comment on rumours. Waze said the same. Apparently though, negotiations are said to be advanced, with Waze wanting $750 million and Apple willing to part with $400 million and $100 million incentives. Waze took in less than $1 million in revenue, mostly from ads, last year and negotiations may continue on for some time.

It was just last month that we saw Google Maps return to the iPhone as it hit the App Store. With over 10 million downloads recorded over just the first weekend, it showed may iPhone users were truly “lost” without Google. iPhone 5 users in particular had no option since other iPhones had the choice to upgrade to iOS 6 or not and depart with Google Maps. Hence we can get a jist of just how inaccurate Apple Maps is for many iPhone users.

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