iPhone Isn’t Waterproof But Survives 6 Months Underwater!

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Everyone’s worst nightmare is dropping their iPhone in water, and worse still, a lake. However this is what happened to one Redditor, who dropped his iPhone into a lake six feet deep. Of course as you would do, the reader thought that would be the end of the phone and he went out and bought another to replace it.

iPhone survives 6 months underwater

However the reader was very surprised this week when he went back to visit the lake, 6 months later, and found that thanks to the water levels dropping, the water was clearer and he could get the iPhone from the lake. What was even more surprising was the fact that the phone still worked after being 6 months in a lake of 6 feet deep.

The photo shows proof that the iPhone turns on when plugged in, however it did of course; suffer some water damage to the screen and Wi-Fi, which can be seen by way of bulges in the photos.

So if you drop your iPhone down the toilet, there is hope for the device if you fish it out of the bowl. The water damage seen to the screen here is likely to have happened over a course of few months so an immediate pull out may leave the iPhone in better condition. However we don’t suggest going and throwing your iPhone in the lake to see if it still works.

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