Is The iPhone 5 Waterproof? (Video)

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It’s quite rare that the story behind an advert gets my attention, but this definitely does. In this advert for what is essentially a floating wakeboard – filmed on an iPhone 5 – has really caught my eye.

Is the iPhone 5 waterproof?

Sparkhouse, the marketing company behind the entire campaign, claims that the advert – for the FlyBoard made by the Fly Jet Sports company – was filmed totally on an iPhone 5 that was coated in a water-resistant coating that’s made by Liquipel.

Have a look at this behind-the-scenes vid below. You’ll see that the crew and their iPhones all get a good soaking courtesy of this weird-looking flying machine. It’s a board, connected to a jetski by a massive hose. Watch the vid and the go on to the final commercial.

I see the beginnings of another iPhone torture-ad (this must raise mixed feelings in the breasts of the Android Legion, that’s for sure). I reckon the next ad will feature the woman on top of the FlyBoard handling the iPhone herself…

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