Your iPhone 5 Can “Breathe” Underwater For Up To 30 Minutes With Liquipel 2.0

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There are many cases that can help to protect your iPhone 5 from water damage, unfortunately these are usually cumbersome. However one year ago Liquipel, from California, announced that they could waterproof a phone from the inside out.

Liquipel lets iPhone 5 remain underwater for up to 30 minutes

They charge $59 for this and if you want it you have to send them your iPhone. This process is very much like Rain-X, but for mobiles, instead of windshields.

At CES this year they have told us about the next version – Liquipel 2.0. Reports have stated that an Apple iPhone 5 was put through the process and that it was then submerged in water for a period of 30 minutes and it came out fine.

The process is said to have been improved and it is now 100 times more effective than the original version. It also does not compromise the integrity of the components or the RF sensitivity. The process is said to last forever once applied, which is unlike the Rain-X that is used on windshields. The process is part of the iPhone 5, and not something that just sits on top of it and which could be wiped off. The coating is said to be untraceable and in no way will it affect the performance, look or feel of the iPhone 5.

Of course the people behind Liquipel 2.0 don’t mean that you should drop your iPhone 5 in water whenever you feel like it nor take the device into the shower. The protection is just for emergencies in real life.

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